About Us

KADO Ltd. was started in 2015, we are producing practical gadgets to make everyday life easier. We create minimalist wallets in classic, modern and sporty style. We also offer handy  key organizers and credit card holders.

All offered products are created with passion. Each stage of the production process is preceded by a thorough quality control. Our functional gadgets are covered by a 24-month warranty, but we can assure you that they will last much longer.

We focus on convenience through miniaturization and the versatility of everyday use objects.

An object that combines several functions will be useful to everyone. We continuously explore world trends looking for unique solutions.

The vast majority of our articles are sold abroad, mainly to Western Europe and United States.

For wholesale orders we are able to make a wallet, a key organizer or a case with your company logo. If you are interested in B2B cooperation please contact us by phone or email.


Enjoy your shopping!